Annual Report for 2021 – 2022

The current Annual Report is now available. It highlights our accomplishments in the past year. Click here to view the report.

Class Reunions

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Capuchino Campus
The renovated campus at night.

Capuchino High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) is a non-profit organization providing support to Capuchino Faculty, Staff and Students.  Support is provided through CHSAA’s own fundraising (Growth Fund, Brick Project, and through its Booster Groups). The Association is governed by a board of volunteer directors.

Board Members

  • Michael Salazar, President
  • Vicki Olsen, Secretary
  • Paul Linden, Treasurer
  • Booster Group Representatives (CAPeople, Drama Boosters, Music Boosters, Cap Mentorship Program)

Booster Groups

CAPeople – Capuchino’s Parent Teacher Organization is the heart of the school, supporting students, parents and teachers. Meetings held the first Tuesday of each month in the library.

Drama Boosters – Support the arts and help us continue to produce drama productions. Your generous donation will go directly to improving productions in the form of lighting, costume, set materials and supplemental staffing.

Music Boosters – Support music at Capuchino by contributing to our music program.  We raise funds to help support our band reviews with travel expenses and meals, musical instrument repair and uniforms.

Cap Mentorship Program – The Capuchino High School Mentorship Program operates as a Facebook Group partnering Capuchino upperclassmen with Capuchino alumni mentors. We aim to have mentors share their experiences and provide advice in regard to post high school plans. Our immediate focus will be on transitioning to college.