Support Capuchino’s High School Science Program

Our High School Students are the future leaders of America. Leaders in many things, including Science.  Science is the first building block of education for careers such as pharmacists, environmental engineers, and those that go into research to cure illnesses and disease (just to name a few).

If we want them to be successful we need to provide them the tools they need, such as working microscopes and equipment as well as consumable materials.


  • $3000-$5000 Replacement and repair funding
    • needed to replace or repair such as microscopes, spectrophotmeters, mass,scales, electronic balances, etc.
  • $2000-$3000 Physics NGSS materials
    • Physics is working very hard to incorporate building / designing projects into the curriculum so that studens can work on the Science and Enginnering Practices as well as expanded topics that were not covered in Physics 1 previously.  New materials and sensors are needed to support the work.
  • $3000 AP Physics materials
    • The newly revised AP 1 course requires that students spend 25% of their class time on hands-on labs that emphasize inquirey-based investigations that provide opportunities to engage in the seven AP science practies for the course.  Equipment is needed to support the new requirement as it has been challenging o share the existing limited equipment with 10 sections of CP physics.
  • $3000 Expansion fo IB Biology and IB Chemistry IA equipment
    • Each IB Science student must conduct their own individual lab investigation, and the school must provide the materials and equipment.  This is a new requirement therefore funding needs have increased.

Would you please help us purchase new equipment for our Science department?

You would be helping our future and your children’s future.

Thank you.


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